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Rustic-inspired rooms are not only extremely trendy, but they are functional, too! The use of recycled wood is an environmentally friendly way to spruce up your home! If you want to create a rural look for your wall or ceiling, you can count on Old Barn Wood’s beautiful reclaimed barn wood paneling, which is made from beautiful planks and boards. We are also able to customize our recycled barn wood for walls if you want to use them for classy and trendy wainscoting, or a gorgeous accent wall. 

You can choose panels from between 4 and 10 inches wide and between 3 and 13 feet long. 

Because Old Barn Wood’s reclaimed barn wood paneling comes from salvaged barn wood, the color and grain will vary. The wooden components to our barn wood for walls are a resource that exist in nature, so they are not perfectly symmetrical and have either a natural or sawn edge. The recycled wood used for these walls might also have knots, knot cracks, nail holes, and checking.  

Do you have a home project in mind that requires authentic and beautiful recycled barn wood for walls? At Old Barn Wood, we can help make it happen! We want to encourage your creativity. Whether you use our barn wood for wainscoting or for other paneling patterns, your home will have a custom flair that is unique to you. Whatever your barn wood plans are, Old Barn Wood is a source for authentic wood, and we are excited to help you achieve a timeless aesthetic that you will love. 

Please be sure to contact us for further information. You can submit a contact form on our website or call 608-356-8849. Tell us all about the details of your plans, and let Old Barn Wood help you get started with your recycled barn wood project today!  

Reclaimed Barn Wood Paneling